General terms and conditions of sale

The SGRHVS is a limited company with capital of € 1,000,000 whose registered office is at 31 rue d'Amsterdam - 75008 PARIS, registered with the RCS Paris under number 508 067 188, approved as an operator at Hotel Residences Social Vocation (hereinafter "RHVS") within the meaning of Article L.631-11 of the Code of Construction and Housing, of Decree No. 2007-892 of 15 May 2007 and the circular of 8 MLVU0803943C April 2008 relating to RHVS.
These general conditions of sale govern, to the exclusion of any other document, the hotel accommodation contract (the "Agreement") between the Client and the SGRHVS (hereinafter: "the Operator") .


The Operator provides the Customer temporary housing, individual, equipped, with services, (hereinafter: the "Chamber") within the Montempô® Residence approved by the prefectural authority as RHVS (hereinafter: the "Residence") in return for compliance by the Customer of the terms of these Conditions of Sale.


The contract falls under that legislation for RHVS. Not the case of a lease, the Customer has no right to maintain occupancy at the expiration of the Agreement and can not practice any business, craft or profession.


For security reasons linked to the capacity of the House, it is strictly reserved for the personal use of the Client and in no case allows hosting any other person outside the Client. According to Annex 1 of the aforementioned circular, the residence does not allow receipt of persons requiring medical and social support on site. The Customer formally undertakes to respect this safety instruction and states that it is not subject to a medical or social support on site. Upon arrival at the latest, the Customer must deliver to the Operator a copy of the following documents:
. national identity card or residence permit valid; . last pay slip; . or employment contract in the event of a labor contract less than a month before the date of arrival; . or promise of employment. . Also, if the Customer is put in relation to the Operator through (i) of the State representative in the department or its delegates, or (ii) through a corporation (collectors of 1 % housing, businesses, local authorities and their associations, public institutions ...) participating in the financing of RHVS, Customer shall deliver to the Operator the original form issued by (i) the competent authority or (ii) a corporation for the award of the House.
A failure to submit these items to the arrival of the Customer and at the possible extension of the contract under the conditions of Article 11 below, the booking can not be acted upon or the Contract may not be extended.


The Agreement is concluded for a minimum period of seven days, not renewable, notwithstanding a possible extension in accordance with Article 11 below.

In any event, due to its nature and for reasons of health and safety, the accommodation and services contract will automatically terminate six months after its inception, and the parties will agree, if the Operator is agree, a new period of stay; failing this, the Customer must leave the premises and will become occupant without a title if he remains.


The Operator undertakes to provide the following hotel services: welcome to the opening hours of the residence, cleaning at the beginning and end of stay and every two (2) weeks, lending linens.


The Operator can provide, upon request of the Customer, the following additional services, with the Client's financial participation: extra cleaning, breakfast, laundry and extra dining. These services are payable in advance.


The reservation is confirmed only after being accepted by the Operator, at the discretion of the latter and subject to compliance with all the conditions stipulated herein. Additionally, all reservations will become final upon receipt, within seven (7) days from the booking confirmation by the Operator, a deposit equal to:

  •  for stays of a week: 100% of the stay;
  •  for stays lasting more than 50% of the stay to a maximum of four weeks of settlement.

The balance payment is due:

  •  for stays of less than or equal to four weeks, the day of arrival;
  •  for stays lasting longer: at the end of the third week of stay, then every four weeks until all of the balance.

Failing settlement of the balance maturities, the Contract will be automatically terminated, without formality, and the length of stay reduced proportion of settlements. If it has been agreed that payment of the stay would be done by a third party, the Customer shall remain solely responsible for the payment in question, without being able to oppose any operator born except the reports of fact or law that he maintains with the third-party payer. It will be practiced no discount for early settlement.


Prices are indicated in euros all taxes and fees included (water, heating, electricity, household and current end of stay under the conditions specified in Article 5 above), excluding any taxes that stay be due and optional services requested by the Customer to be billed extra. The Operator reserves the right to modify the applicable tariff conditions, but without the new rate applies to stays in progress. In case of extension of stay under the conditions of Article 11 below, the new tariff in force will be applied to the Customer at the date of the extension. The prices include the VAT applicable on the date of the order and any change in the applicable rate of VAT will be reflected in the prices indicated on the date of invoice. Any modification or implementation of new legal or regulatory taxes imposed by competent lesautorités will be automatically reflected in the prices indicated on the date of billing.
The Customer acknowledges having received a copy of the tariff schedule mentioning the stay price applicable on the day the contract is concluded and the tariff for additional optional services.


Upon arrival, the customer will pay a deposit of four hundred euros (€ 400) not cashed by the Operator (credit card pre-authorization or submission of a bank check, dated the day of arrival, signed by the Client and payable to the Operator). After return of keys or access cards, in the absence of observed degradation or early departure and after settlement of additional services consumed on the premises, the security deposit will be immediately and fully restored. Otherwise, the deposit will be cashed by the Operator and if necessary, the remaining amount will be returned to the Customer, net of repairs, the replacement of missing objects or early departure fees, within a period of sixty (60) days following his departure.


At any time and under the constraints of the operation, the Operator will assign to the Client a new House subject to compliance with a notice period of 48 hours. The Customer may not in any case to oppose this new assignment.


The length of stay is that initially provided upon confirmation of reservation by the Operator. Subject to availability of a House on the dates requested by the Customer, the stay may be extended at the discretion of the Operator, without obligation to maintain in the same room, the conditions laid down in Annex tariff in force at the date of the extension request and the Customer's eligibility requirements at that date. The rate applied will be the one corresponding to the situation of the Customer into force on the date of the extension.


The Customer may reduce the duration of its awareness condition to stay in the Operator its new departure date with a notice period of two (2) weeks, this period being reduced to three (3) weeks if the stay exceeds four (4) weeks. In such cases, the price of the stay will be reassessed in accordance with the tariff schedule. Failing for the Customer to respect this notice, the entire original booking will be due. No time off is allowed for stays of a maturity of up to two weeks early departure will not lead to any compensation or reimbursement.
Any other use not expressly authorized or any total or partial representation of this site by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of SGRHVS and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L. 355-2 and following of the Code Intellectual Property.


Only the speaker canceled more than four weeks before the start of the stay will result in the return of the deposit paid by the customer upon booking. If you cancel less than four weeks before the start of the stay, the Operator will retain the deposit paid within the limits of a week of stay, automatically and without formality. If cancellation occurs less than two weeks before the trip or if the customer does not appear on the date, the deposit paid will be kept by the Operator, automatically and without formality. Furthermore, in case of non-submission of the Customer, the Operator will take the free disposal of the House. Failure to present one or more title (s) Required (s) subject (s) in Article 3 shall be treated as a no-show by the Client.


The Client will make a peaceful use (in "good father") of the House, its facilities and common areas of the residence and ensure the tranquility of the other guests of the residence. The Chamber will be available to the Customer in good condition. An inventory will be handed over to the Customer upon arrival: it will have to check for accuracy and report on his arrival at the reception any anomaly, missing object or degraded within 24 hours of arrival. Beyond this period and in the absence of express reservations made by the Customer on the inventory that has been given to him, it will be deemed to have accepted all provisions and will be held responsible for damaged, missing objects or any other damage found upon departure of the Client of the House that has been assigned. The presence of domestic animals and the storage of flammable or hazardous materials is strictly prohibited. The staff of the Operator can access the House at any time, to ensure the maintenance and / or safety. The Customer declares to be aware of the rules of the residence and agrees to abide scrupulously.


The customer will be responsible vis-à-vis the Operator, other Clients or any third parties for any damage of whatever nature, arising out of any breach of these conditions and / or the Internal Regulations or arising any fault it would have committed.
The personal effects of the Client and any property of any nature, including those contained in the House assigned to it under this Agreement remain fully responsible. It is the Customer ensure personal belongings and take safe way in this regard.
Henceforth, the responsibility of the Operator shall in no case be engaged by the Customer in case of theft or damage to personal effects in the Chambers in common areas, parking lots or any other outbuildings or annexes of the Residence .


The Contract will be automatically terminated without formality or delay, for any breach by the Customer of any of its obligations under these Conditions, in case of non-compliance with the rules of the residence or inappropriate behavior likely to disrupt the stay of other occupants and / or the operation of the residence and / or safety of the occupants or premises.


The information and personal data concerning the Customer are for SGRHVS, the controller, and its subcontractors, and are necessary for the management of his stay as well as trade relations under this Agreement. In cases where the customer was sent to the residence via (i) the State representative in the department or its delegates, or (ii) another legal person acting on behalf of the Client information relating to the residence of the Customer may, within the limits and conditions provided to reservation agreements between the SGRHVS and these bodies be transferred to the agency concerned in the follow-up conducted for booking the Customer's account. The Customer is informed of this processing of information, including management of its e-mail address. The Customer's personal data file is the subject of a declaration to the CNIL.
According to the law of January 6, 1978, the Customer has a right to access, correct and delete personal data concerning them and a right to object to their treatment motivated. He just needs to exercise this right to request stating its full name, email address, and if possible its Client references: SGRHVS, 49 Rue Reaumur. 75139 Paris Cedex or by mail to the following address:
Unless expressly authorized by the Client to that effect and notwithstanding the case mentioned in the first paragraph of this Article, the Operator will not disclose its behalf or on behalf of a third party for marketing or distribution free of charge or expensive, personal data made available by the Client. He agrees to keep strictly confidential all personal data provided and not to the use for which they were awarded. At the expiration of the contract, the Operator undertakes to destroy within the legal time any medium containing the personal data and do not keep any copies of said data allowing communication. SGRHVS plcPublic Anonyme with share capital of 2,000,000 euros66 avenue du Maine 75014 Paris ParisRCS No. 508067 188TVA Intracommunautaire No. FR30508067188Décembre 2008.


In accordance with the provisions of Articles L 611-1 et seq. Of the Consumer Code, any so-called consumer dispute or dispute may be the subject of an amicable settlement by mediation with the CMAP - Center de Médiation et d'Arbitrage de Paris. Disputes for which the request is manifestly unfounded or abusive, or has been previously examined or is under examination by another mediator or by a court, or if the consumer cannot be reviewed by the mediator. lodged his request with the mediator within a period exceeding one year from his written complaint to our company SHRHVS Montempô, or if the dispute does not fall within the scope of the mediator, or finally if the consumer does not justify not to have attempted, beforehand, to resolve his dispute directly with our Company by a written complaint according to the terms provided, if applicable, in the contract, which remained unanswered for 60 days. To submit your dispute to the mediator, you can (i) complete the form on the CMAP website: “you are: a consumer” tab (ii) send your request by regular or registered mail to CMAP Médiation Consommation , 39 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt, 75008 PARIS, or (iii) send an email to Regardless of the means used to enter the CMAP, your request must contain the following elements to be processed promptly: Your postal, email and telephone contact details as well as your full name and address with a brief statement of the facts, and proof of the preliminary steps with our Company or the establishment concerned.


These general conditions of sale are governed by French law.


  • Cash within the limits of the monetary code regulations.
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfers


Payment Methods:

  • Cheques
  • Cash
  • Blue card
  • Bank transfers
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