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                                         A hospitality concept dedicated to working people who are on the go, traveling and on the move for their work, whether for a few days, a week or for many months.

Guaranteed rates and services that meet the requirements of mobile employees with all kinds of income and from all backgrounds. A package including a fully equipped studio, with hotel services to be pampered and common areas to live in for shared moments. And it is also and above all a friendly atmosphere that allows its guests to find a "home" even far from home.


WHY & HOW ? 

A project born from the necessity to facilitate mobility and to make it more pleasant for all employees.

The 2007/2012 global crisis led France in 2009 to the worst recession since 1945 (412,000 jobs lost in one year).

As a result, employees were forced to move in order to find or recover a job. In the absence of suitable structures, these people had to live in social residences, campsites, lodgings, "low cost" hotels... when it was not in their own cars.

Faced with this crucial situation, it became urgent to improve the housing conditions and to reduce the costs of mobility... hence the birth of Montempô.



The Montempô network provides the opportunity for all to benefit from a quality hotel solution with preferential rates for employees in the public and private matter seasonality.

The context of mobility in France (INSEE Survey 2005) is:

  • 450,000 employees change department every year:
  • 338,000 private sector employees and 110,000 in the public,
  • 50% were not working a year earlier.

Accor, through its subsidiary Home Partners, then engages January 31, 2007 to facilitate the development of a new type of residence to facilitate mobility of assets and Montempô brand launches in 2008.

In January 2009 the first two homes opened their doors. Today Montempô network has 11 establishments in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Marseille. 

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